s Largest Automotive Consumer electronics Equipment Creation BaseThe Country'

It is value mentioning that Huayang than any business in neuro-scientific car navigation more focus on security-related technology analysis and development, like the country’s first anti-collision program das2000: is one of the incident prevention and simple traveling assistance systems, to dangerous traveling the provision of timely audible and visual security alarm with forwards collision caution, lane departure caution, the car from the monitoring from the five main functions of caution and following the car rear-end collision caution, incident records, numerous kinds of automobile accidents could be reduced effectively

From the study team, to the study co-operation to the precise area of study, to the mix of scientific study and human consideration, Huayang setting of independent innovation on the market is difficult to check out. Because of this, Huayang a matter obviously become a home innovator in car navigation businesses to make a number of market state-of-the-art automobile navigation products.

The Huayang group chief executive Mr.”No defect management goals is an essential assurance for high the Huayang item market talk about.” Zou Ganrong offers repeatedly pressured that: “Quality may be the existence of Huayang We won’t tolerate some of our items into the marketplace.

It really is in the product quality plan of “Quality may be the efficiency, standard of living”, Huayang established a “no defect” quality administration objectives low quality no to 100%, client satisfaction, from components to creation and strict quality control, abide by the basic principle of “3 noes”: Rejected components will never circulation into the creation line; So the item quality guarantee and control. substandard completed item is never from the collection. two, failed semi-finished items is in no way into the following process;

The Huayang practice grabbed, strict quality control five off: from your multitude of individuals are most worried about quality issues

A strict quality. Car audio is definitely installed in the automobile, relative to the overall gadgets threshold is definitely higher, more challenging;

The core the different parts of the car participant, counting on and Shinwa, Hitachi and additional world famous businesses to establish an excellent working relationship, straight from these companies’ purchasing, and additional electronic parts to tender, check around, preferred to get;Second, rigid procurement off.

Third, strict creation off smt patch, qc in, qa and creation of each process, strict control;

Division of Quality Control course of action, performance and additional areas of the extensive testing of each product from, by no means let low quality produced products;Fourth, rigid checks. To be able to improve the degree of detection, the business spent million to get a lot of advanced detection products, car Dvd and blu-ray players clearness and excellent audio detection even more, which is uncommon in the home industry.

This is actually the last one tag, where quality complications, actually the slightest issue will be permitted to the manufacturing plant, the problem is definitely nipped in the bud, rather than allow unqualified items manufacturing plant, can not allow substandard items to the marketplace, so greatly to guarantee the item quality.Guan, rigid manufacturing plant.99%. Based on the most recent feedback, experienced the Huayang car stock has already reached 99.

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