About Us

Hi, everyone!

My name is Rachel. Thank you for reading my blog!

I love reading books! But, I don’t care much about the author of a book or the content inside. People just remember the name of the book rather than the author of the book. Furthermore, readers often do not pay attention to the author’s name under each article. But with any pen, small, emerging or famous, they are always happy when someone mentions their name with the name of the work they have composed.

Through reading, you can gain a lot of knowledge. You can imagine anything that you haven’t experienced before. That is why I also love to write. This way I can share everything I have experienced through writing. I always feel so happy when my writings help someone. Because it means I write something useful.

When you are visiting a house that you have designed and been built from A to Z; whether anyone is attracted or fascinated, deep down inside you want them to find out, right? That is why; If you are an adventurer if you are curious about new experiences or simply want to find out about this little blogger, why do not we become each other’s friend?